The world’s most powerful AI in the human psychology of money.

The modern financial advisor guides their clients toward financial wellbeing on a journey that is deeply and unavoidably emotional.

On this path, advisors recognize the need to upskill in behavioral finance, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and any domain that deepens client relationships, inspires talent, and fortifies team cultures.

Ironically, it is Artificial Intelligence that can enhance these human-to-human capabilities.


Lydia is a guide for the guides. A companion to help each of us on this journey through the human experience of money.

Lydia’s remit is broad: Deeper understanding. Better conversations. Sounder decisions. Sturdier habits. Elevated wellbeing.

Lydia is engineered through the patented technologies in artificial intelligence and adaptive learning from Alai Studios, pioneers in leveraging cognitive science to enhance human creativity. Lydia is inspired and molded by the groundbreaking behavioral content and coaching at Shaping Wealth, the global wealth industry’s premier learning and training platform for “human first” financial guidance. Its acceleration is powered by the collaboration of these two teams at the absolute leading edge of amplifying human brilliance and empathy.

Imagine if...

You can prepare for that key client meeting with empathic companion who “gets it.”

Lydia is your conversation partner on any topic that matters–retirement, kids, legacy, volatile markets. Anything.

You want to be better at prospecting meetings.

Or plan presentations. Or annual reviews. What questions should you ask? In what order? How much should you talk versus listen? Lydia is your training partner.

You value empathy as a superpower–and an edge.

All skills, including EQ, require training. Invite Lydia to role play “hard” conversations with you. Get better, privately and without judgment.

You are struggling to write the next blog or email to explain, inspire, and attract.

Employ Lydia as a behavioral marketing agent to help you brainstorm and draft meaningful messages.

You oversee a team of advisors and want to discover untapped opportunities for training and engagement.

Leverage Lydia to gather insights that can drive better conversations and client success.

With Lydia, you have never been more powerful.


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